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Draw cute stuff step by step

- perfect for children -

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13,95 $

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XXL-Sized family creativity and fun: with 407 super-cute motifs for boys & girls aged 6 and up


This drawing book is a dream gift for creative children aged 6 and up, and it also offers an entertaining pastime for teenagers, adults, and seniors. It contains 407 lovingly designed sketches that can be easily traced with a pencil in simple steps. After drawing, the illustrations invite coloring with colored pencils. The integrated paint-by-numbers system guides beginners through color selection, while advanced and creative individuals have the freedom to choose their own color combinations. An ideal book for everyone who wants to discover or further develop their creative side.

Drawing, coloring & gifting:

  • Everything a child's heart desires: animals, fruits, objects, planets, foods (and much more).

  • For each of the 407 drawings, there is an especially easy step-by-step guide.

  • Including paint by numbers: After the sketches are finished, you can follow the integrated paint-by-numbers system – or get creative and decide for yourself which colors to use!

  • The ideal training for fine motor skills & concentration.

  • Suitable for all ages from 6 years and up.


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9,99 $

13,95 $

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Animals, fruits, objects, planets, food
(and much more).


9,99 $

13,95 $

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