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$ 12,99

Learn How to Draw - Fun & Easy: 1007 Drawings to Sketch in 5 Minutes or Less

Create stunning drawings without any previous experience in less than 5 minutes.

The perfect learning-to-draw system for impatient kids and adults alike, this hands-on book offers over 1000 step-by-step instructions in two difficulty levels each to learn to create impressive drawings in no time.


Lightning fast & super easy:

  • Each drawing comes in 2 variations (simplified vs. detailed)

  • Divided into 3 difficulty levels

  • Warm-up exercises for untrained & shaky hands

  • Very easy implementation in 4 to 5 steps

  • Massive variety: people, animals, plants, household, sports, vehicles and more.

  • Suitable for children and adults alike

$ 12,99







and MUCH more...!

$ 12,99

Amanda Piniecka
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