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Vinyl Sticker Set
3 €
Art Print "Lama"
6 € - 27 €


Art Print "Cheese Girl"
6 € - 27 €


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Tips & Tricks for artists 

It's very easy to make your own prints at home. 


What you need:

► of course a self-painted picture

► A scanner (Canon Scanner)

► An image editing program

(for example GIMP)

► A color printer (Canon inkjet printer)


How to proceed:

First, you should scan your painted picture. The best resolution you get with 300 dpi. Your image should be visible on your computer screen. Then you should edit the image to get the best result from it. On GIMP you can also cut away the scanned background and add a new clean one, but you can also leave it transparent.

How this works you can see in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch

Finally, you just have to print your picture ,on art print paper like Hahnemühle.


finish :)

make your own prints

1. You do not have to be very smart.


2. See your process, not the final product.


3. Share your knowledge with others.


4. Parts daily small things.


5. Do not be spam.


6. Tell good stories of your process.


7. Plug in setbacks and criticism.


8. Be visible everywhere.


9. Sellout. That's your dream.


10. Keep going, it's definitely worth it. 

Show your art !

Paint every day, even if it's just a small picture in your sketchbook. Have always positive thoughts when you start to paint, your feelings are transferred to the picture. Think of good things that affect you positively. It happens that you have a bad day, do not let it get you down. 

Lie down for the best and imagine wonderful things. For example, as you walk through the beach on a warm day and your feet feel the warmth of the sand and you hear the sounds of the sea. You will notice that your mood changes abruptly. 

So do not give up, but keep doing :)

Be productive

Finding a gallery is not easy, but feasible. It is important that you first research about galleries, close to you.

Each gallery represents certain art styles. Find out what style your art has.

Visit the gallery, make a good impression that you are interested. Visit art fairs, there you will definitely meet galleries. (Art Basel, London Frieze... etc). Be present on social networks so that a gallery can find you easier. A homepage is a must for an artist! 


What you should not do:

✖ Fill up a gallery with mails

✖ Unannounced to come to the gallery.

✖ Application at the exhibition stand.

✖ Chat on the vernissage. 

✖ Send originals and bulky goods.


The best you can do is call a gallery and get informed. But if you call a gallery, you must be able to deal with rejection and have prepared a plan beforehand. Important is a purposeful and sober announcement, why you call and what you want. First of all, you should make clear what your goal is: an application deadline? Send in his material? And who do you want to talk to? If you are aware of this, then you have to clarify your concerns and get to the point.

Find a gallery

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